Puzzle Games for Android and iPhone

The best puzzle games for cell phones. If you like puzzles, riddles, and various games that require solving different challenges and mental tests, this list is for you. From classic puzzles to innovative twists, our curated collection of Puzzle Games offers a diverse range of titles for thinkers and problem-solvers.

The House of Tesla
Blue Brain Games has unveiled The House of Tesla, a brand-new adventure game slated for release later this year. Set in the world of Nikola Tesla, players will […]
Take The King
Take the King! is a puzzle game based on the rules of chess, reimagined to offer original intellectual challenges. Devs wants players to dive into strategic puzzles and […]
Candy Crush Blast
King, the creators of the widely popular Candy Crush franchise, have introduced a new addition to the series called Candy Crush Blast, currently undergoing a soft launch on […]
The Valley of the Architects is an upcoming game from Whaleo dev. The game boasts breathtaking visuals, a strong narrative focus, and intricate puzzle elements, as showcased in […]
Words in Progress
Words in Progress is a puzzle game exclusive for Apple Arcade. The game begins with seven letters arranged vertically on the screen, challenging players to skillfully combine these […]
Karate Possum Games, the indie creator behind the word puzzler Qwert, introduces a new dictionary game with the launch of its new daily challenge on iOS and Android […]
Puzzle & Dragons Story marks the latest addition to the smartphone puzzle role-playing game series “Puzzle & Dragons,” and notably, it is the first title available on Apple […]
Par for the Dungeon is a puzzle golf game available for Windows PC, Android and iOS from Sleeping Giant Studio. The objective, much like traditional golf, is to […]
Studio Folly has officially released Gubbins on iOS and Android. This is a delightful and unconventional word game. Adding a philanthropic touch to the gaming experience, Gubbins pledges […]
Midas Merge is a new strategy puzzle game from Never Forget Games Studio. In Midas Merge, players embark on an epic journey through the once-vibrant Gardens of Gold. […]
The factory-building game “Shapez,” created by Tobias Springer, is set to launch on iOS and Android through Playdigious. Players can now pre-order and pre-register for the game. “Shapez” […]
Wish Us Luck is an interactive narrative game where every choice you make affects how events will unfold for three very likeable characters. The game has now become […]
Nekograms is a charming casual puzzle game revolves around the delightful task of arranging an array of utterly adorable feline companions. Despite its surface simplicity, this captivating gem […]
Wonderbox is an amazing and nice looking game for Apple Arcade and from the brazilian studio AQUIRIS (they made one of the best games ever: Horizon Chase). At […]
Kingdoms: Merge & Build is a new Apple Arcade game from Cherrypick Games. In this new game players can experience a tranquil merge-2 gaming journey with an elegantly […]
Tetragon is a 2D puzzle game set in a square-shaped world whose walls can suddenly change position, rearranging the game’s gravity force. Gameplay includes a sequence of puzzles […]
Food Words: Cooking Cat Puzzle is a cute word-search puzzle game for Android and iOS from T-Bull Studio. In this game players should find the ingredients within the […]
Underground Blossom is an upcoming adventure and visual novel game by Rusty Lake. In Underground Blossom, a game within the Rusty Lake Universe, players embark on a profound […]