RPG Games for Android and iPhone

Challenge the unknown and conquer formidable foes in our RPG Games section. Immerse yourself in strategic battles where tactics and skill determine your success. Whether you engage in turn-based combat, real-time action, or a blend of both, our curated collection of RPG Games offers a diverse range of titles that cater to every combat style.

Adventure To Fate Lost Island
Adventure To Fate Lost Island is a mobile dungeon crawling JRPG Retro Pixel Art game from TouchMint developer. This accessible turn-based RPG game is designed to be fully […]
Arthdal Chronicles Three Factions
Netmarble is gearing up to launch its inaugural game of the year, Arthdal Chronicles: Three Factions, slated for release in April. The highly anticipated role-playing adventure will debut […]
Wytchwood has officially launched on iOS and Android platforms. This fairytale-inspired crafting game with a witchy twist, from Whitethorn Games’ Studio, is available for $4.99, marking its debut […]
Loop Hero
Loop Hero is an upcoming mobile game from Developer Digital publisher. Loop Hero made its debut on PC and console platforms back in late 2021, and it is […]
Dong Wu Game Android
Dong Wu is a captivating side-scrolling RPG developed by ogopogo studio. The game has entered early access on Android and PC in select regions including Taiwan, Hong Kong, […]
Light of the Stars is an upcoming Action RPG which looks really really nice. ‘Our World’ emerged with the Star Force, but relentless wars plunged it into darkness […]
Fortias Saga
Immersed in a fantastical medieval realm, drawing inspiration from human history and infused with mythical elements, Fortias Saga: Action Adventure has achieved notable success by crafting a gripping […]
Apex Girls
Apex Girls introduces a captivating gacha RPG experience, immersing players in a world filled with stunning and powerful girls known as “Stellaris.” These girls possess star cores, granting […]
Order & Chaos Guardians
Order & Chaos: Guardians is a collaborative RPG where players unite in parties to explore the fantastical realm of Arkland and unravel the dark conspiracy unfolding within. Originating […]
Lunar Silver Star Story Touch
Lunar: Silver Star Story Touch is set to arrive on Android devices on January 26th, granting Android users the much-anticipated opportunity to delve into the world-renowned classic. This […]
Raziel Rebirth
Raziel Rebirth – Dungeon Raid is a new RPG from Loongcheer Game Studios. This new aRPG is now accessible on Android devices. Drawing inspiration from Norse mythology and […]
Starstride Icon
Starstride is an upcoming MMORPG that propels you into the vast expanse of space. Following humanity’s exodus from Earth, the galaxy of Sodoya becomes your exploration ground, where […]
The Desolation is isometric looter shooter that embarks players on an exhilarating journey across boundless procedurally generated worlds, The Desolation offers cooperative action combat and an extensive build customization […]
Project Mugen, an upcoming open-world RPG developed by Naked Rain and published by Netease, stands out with its futuristic theme and vibrant anime artistry. Set in a world […]
DeLithe Last Memories Icon
De:Lithe Last Memories is a blockchain game, inheriting the game system from the immensely popular smartphone co-op online RPG, De:Lithe, boasting over 7.77 million downloads. Enish, the developer, […]
Thesia: Isekai World is a new RPG card mobile game game currently on Beta. Immerse yourself in the captivating realm of Thesia as you embark on a journey […]
Roco Kingdom Mobile Game, from Tencent’s Morefun Studios, breaks the mold of typical mobile gaming by introducing an open-world RPG that seamlessly blends classic Pokemon gameplay with the […]
Yuuna and the Haunted Hot Springs: The Thrilling Steamy Maze Kiwami is a new game from FuRyu, in collaboration with developer Matrix Software. The upcoming release is set […]