RPG Games for Android and iPhone

Challenge the unknown and conquer formidable foes in our RPG Games section. Immerse yourself in strategic battles where tactics and skill determine your success. Whether you engage in turn-based combat, real-time action, or a blend of both, our curated collection of RPG Games offers a diverse range of titles that cater to every combat style.

Chrono Travelers is a open-world RPG game published by EYOUGAME (USS). The game is currently open for pre-registration on Android devices. Although the release date is yet to […]
Revelation M is an open-world MMORPG now available for Android and iOS devices in early access in select regions in European and North American regions. Last year, the […]
Miracland Saga is the latest Fantasy MMORPG game from the renowned Netdragon Websoft, creators of games like Heroes Arise and Heroes Evolved. This new RPG is now available […]
Netmarble has officially declared the upcoming launch of Solo Leveling: Arise in the first half of 2024, as announced on their official Facebook Page. This highly anticipated game […]
Lost Ark Mobile is an RPG in development since 2018. From Smilegate Studio’s, the game has garnered considerable interest regarding its progress and anticipated release date. Despite some […]
Hades is a remarkable rogue-like dungeon crawler, which boasts exceptional characters with superb voice acting, outstanding music, one of the most engaging gameplay loops, and stunning visuals. Hades […]
Playdigious has just revealed that Potion Permit is set to make its mobile debut this February 6th, 2024. This simulation RPG will be released as a premium title […]
Coromon is a pixel RPG developed by TRAGsoft and published by Freedom Games, fans of the genre (RPG tamed monsters, like Pokémon) can mark their calendars and eagerly […]
Last True Sword, the latest addition to Android gaming, places you in the sandals (or tabi) of a katana-wielding warrior concealed behind a tengu mask. Your mission? To […]
Duet Night Abyss is fantasy adventure RPG developed in-house by Hero Entertainment and PAN STUDIO. With remarkable elements showcased in art design, trailers, and gameplay, Duet Night Abyss […]
Sword and Magic World embarks on a journey through classic Western fantasy themes, drawing from Western mythology. Here, you step into the role of an elite adventurer and […]
Dragon Realms: Era of Adventure is a captivating game brought to you by VOO PLUS Entertainment Limited. Dragon Realms presents a compelling fusion of simulation management and RPG […]
Wonderers: Eternal World is an exhilarating Action game brought to you by Smilegate and NGELGAMES. This unique adventure seamlessly merges the charm of a cute fairy tale realm […]
Astral Quester is a new ARPG game available on Beta stage in TapTap. Step into the shoes of an interstellar explorer within the vast Cerulia system, a dominion […]
LYSSA: Goddess of Rage, Panoramik Games’ turn-based strategy RPG title, has now made its official Android debut. Get ready for an exciting adventure in this turn-based strategy game […]
Astral Tale (Global Version) is an upcoming RPG. Astral Tale created by X-Legend Entertainment, stands as an MMORPG that revolves around the themes of swords and magic. It […]
Sky Fortress Odyssey is a fantasy steampunk RPG that has initiated its global pre-registration phase for both Android and iOS platforms. This captivating game is brought to you […]
The Legend of Dim Artemis marks a fresh addition to the MMORPG category, and it has recently become downloadable on Android and iOS following its official launch. This […]