Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise

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May 9, 2024
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Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise is a puzzle visual novel adventure available on Android and iOS. Today marks the day you heed your mother’s summons to serve the Beaumont family. Upon entering their mansion, you’re drawn to the enigmatic aura of your hosts. Nightfall brings dreams unlike any before, guiding you through mysteries and revealing secrets not meant for you.

Use these secrets to dismantle the barriers around the Beaumonts’ hearts and secure your place in their embrace. Alternatively, leverage them to unravel your mother’s intricate history with the family.

Meet the captivating hosts:

– Sebastian, exuding diligence and composure, harbors a caring heart beneath. His blend of strength and vulnerability makes every moment an emotional journey.
– Roderick, charismatic and flirtatious, hides depths of complexity beneath his charming exterior.
– Alexander, arrogant yet tender-hearted, reveals his protective side only to those he cherishes.

Features include a 2D visual novel with choices, a 3D dream world, three endings with each host, and puzzles leading to their hearts. Track your progress with each master through love bars, accompanied by voice acting in dream sequences.

Explore a gallery of visited locations and enjoy a music player with the game’s soundtrack. Ruby Dreams: Immortal Promise was crafted by the Repulse team in a month for the NaNoRenO 2024 game jam. Due to time constraints, there may be bugs or overlooked issues. Your feedback is valued, and if the game resonates with players, expansion may be considered.



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