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Wonderbox is an amazing and nice looking game for Apple Arcade and from the brazilian studio AQUIRIS (they made one of the best games ever: Horizon Chase). At the core of this game lies a captivating blend of creation and exploration, fueling an action-packed adventure set within enchanting dioramas.

Embark on a hero’s journey, brimming with diverse challenges across various levels, each boasting its own distinct narrative and setting. From the allure of the Middle Ages to the arid expanse of a desert landscape, Wonderbox offers a kaleidoscope of experiences.

Every level unfolds within a mesmerizing “magic box,” serving as the backdrop for your problem-solving endeavors and goal achievements. Traverse a tapestry of these enchanted realms, as each holds a different adventure within its confines—some spanning multiple boxes, while others unfold within a singular container.

The very heart of the game pulsates with the essence of magical portals and boxes, acting as gateways to meticulously designed chambers where each adventure takes root.

Vibrant and visually stunning, the game’s landscapes are a sight to behold, shifting seamlessly from a tranquil sunrise to a twilight-lit sunset or an engulfing sandstorm. The game looks a little of Oceanhorn but with the level design an options of games like Gacha Life or Roblox.

Beyond exploration, Wonderbox empowers players to craft their very own adventures. Armed with an assortment of blocks, characters, and items, the canvas of creation is yours to command. Utilize your finger to weave together exquisite structures, breathe life into characters, conceal treasures, unleash adversaries, and orchestrate epic battles.

Wonderbox: The Adventure Maker is a beautiful game full of unique elements and endless fun. The ability to create your own worlds and share them with your friends is a nice addition. The game contains short levels and extensive stories for you to play. As a result, the game does not get boring quickly and you, as a hero, are presented with sufficient challenges.

Wonderbox is available only on Apple Arcade.

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