Idle RPG Games for Android and iPhone

Dive into endless adventure with our Idle RPG Games section. Explore a world of strategic gameplay where progress never stops. Whether you’re a fan of passive gaming or seeking a title that combines strategy and relaxation, our Idle RPG Games collection has you covered.

Knight Rider A Takeout RPG
Knight Rider: A Takeout RPG is an upcoming Idle RPG from taiwanese Studio GameDuo. this is a game with Cool pixel art, thrilling idle play, and fancy action. […]
Ark Battle Girls
Ark Battle Girls is a new Idle RPG game from Loongcheer Studio. In Ark Battle Girls, players step into the role of the skywalker, joining forces with Destiny […]
Aw, cat games are my favourites. Lumbercat: Idle Tycoon is a idle tycoon game from TREEPLLA studio. The game is currently open for pre-registration on both iOS and […]
The Longing is an upcoming adventure and idle game for iOS. This game looks incredible sad and amazing at the same time. The Longing was originally launched on […]
We got a new Idle RPG. Magic Chronicle: Isekai RPG introduces players to a captivating idle RPG world that seamlessly blends light and magic, encapsulating the essence of […]
Horcrux College, an anime-style RPG game, is currently in the process of recruiting Closed Beta Testers for the English server. The game is set to be available for […]
Lightning Princess introduces an electrifying idle action RPG experience where a fierce Lightning Princess utilizes her formidable lightning abilities to annihilate monsters and conquer levels with unwavering determination. […]
Tale of Sword is a Fantasy Idle RPG for Android. Players prepare for a thrilling adventure with the launch of Tale of Sword, an exciting fantasy-themed idle RPG now […]
Longcheer Game has recently unveiled its latest project, Girls Evo, currently in Early Access on Google Play. This idle adventure RPG invites players to join an open beta […]
Seven Knights Idle Adventure is a new game from Netmarble, a new upcoming title set in the popular Seven Knights universe. For those who choose to pre-register on […]
Ange Relink is an upcoming romance adventure RPG game from adokawa and f4samurai. This game is a sequel to Ange Vierge, a mobile TCG title that ended service […]
Fate Corridor is a fresh addition to the realm of idle card games crafted by NCARD. The game is currently open for pre-registration on Android devices, inviting players […]
Invincible: Guarding the Globe is a new squad idle RPG game from Ubisoft Entertainment. The game is situated within the expansive universe of Invincible and presents a fresh […]