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Invincible: Guarding the Globe is a new squad idle RPG game from Ubisoft Entertainment. The game is situated within the expansive universe of Invincible and presents a fresh narrative derived from both the comics and the Amazon Prime series. Since its announcement, the game has sparked significant interest and is poised to amass a substantial player community, capitalizing on the franchise’s widespread popularity.

This is an idle squad RPG that immerses you in the Global Defense Agency, collaborating alongside Cecil Stedman, the GDA’s leader, to unveil the enigma behind the onslaught of the clone army that has besieged the world. Embarking on an exclusive journey with a novel storyline and distinctive characters from the Invincible comics and show, you assemble a league of superheroes, uniting their iconic strengths for intense and lethal battles.

This gaming experience breathes life into a vivid and immersive superhero cosmos. From bustling urban streets to ethereal dimensions, the game’s striking visuals and captivating settings transport players into a realm where extraordinary abilities clash with ominous adversaries.

Each character on your team assumes a distinctive role, be it Attacker, Support, or Defender. Craft your unique combinations and astonish your foes with the formidable special powers wielded by these heroes. As battles unfold and adversaries emerge, character progression, ranking ascension, and amplified prowess await. Additionally, the game encompasses GDA ops—secondary battles independent of the main storyline—where you deploy your team to garner exceptional rewards.

Invincible: Guarding the Globe is now available as early access on Android via Google Play in select regions. Interested players can visit the official website, Facebook, and Twitter handle for more information on the game.

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