Wuthering Waves launches on May for Mobile and PC

Wuthering Waves, from developer Kuro Games, is an upcoming action gacha and RPG game for PC and mobile. The game was first unveiled in May 2022. It underwent its initial closed beta phase in March 2023, followed by a second round of closed beta testing in January 2024 for both Android and iOS platforms.

The game looks amazing and really fun. Of course it looks like a lot to game like Genshin Impact, Honkai Star Rail, even Tower of Fantasy. This new generation of action RPG games with lovely and nice anime graphics are getting better and better.

Wuthering Waves

It’s worth mentioning that while Wuthering Waves is free to play, it employs a microtransaction system called Convene, which follows a gacha model. Through Convene, players can acquire Resonators and weapons. Like many other popular gacha games, Wuthering Waves adopts a free-to-play model, supplemented by in-game purchases, primarily through the sale of randomized loot boxes or “gacha pulls.”

This monetization strategy allows developers to reach a wide player base and generate significant revenue, all while affording players the flexibility to manage their spending as they see fit.

Wuthering Waves will launch for PC via client download and Epic Games Store, iOS App Store, and Android  Google Play on May 22. Players can Pre-register now on the official website too.

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