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Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han is a new Visual Novel game from Orange Studio. This new mystery adventure game features a main scenario crafted by Souzou Tonami, […]
Chrono Travelers is a open-world RPG game published by EYOUGAME (USS). The game is currently open for pre-registration on Android devices. Although the release date is yet to […]
Bug Heroes: Tower Defense is a strategic tower defense game which has made its debut on Android and iOS platforms. Developed by Foursaken Media, this game immerses players […]
Cat Journey is a feline-themed action platformer experience on mobile. Now available for both iOS and Android devices, this 2D world adventure challenges you to rescue your sister […]
Revelation M is an open-world MMORPG now available for Android and iOS devices in early access in select regions in European and North American regions. Last year, the […]
Miracland Saga is the latest Fantasy MMORPG game from the renowned Netdragon Websoft, creators of games like Heroes Arise and Heroes Evolved. This new RPG is now available […]
Power Zone: Battle Royale, a battle royale shooter published by SensusTech, is now open for pre-registration on Android devices. In this free-to-play multiplayer game, champions showcase their skills […]
One Piece Dream Pointer is an upcoming One Piece adventure mobile game. Dream Pointer, which previously announced a closed beta test in China set for next month, has […]
Space Intern is a vivid retro 2D platformer in the sci-fi theme. Enjoy the gravity inversion, transforming into a hologram, floating in weightlessness, and talking to quirky space […]
NASCAR Manager is a new racing management game which has entered early access and is now accessible for Android devices in various regions, excluding some EU regions. The […]
Retro Commander is a real-time strategy (RTS) featuring different modes and cross-platform matches. This mobile game follows a freemium model, allowing players to start for free with the […]
Par for the Dungeon is a puzzle golf game available for Windows PC, Android and iOS from Sleeping Giant Studio. The objective, much like traditional golf, is to […]
Studio Folly has officially released Gubbins on iOS and Android. This is a delightful and unconventional word game. Adding a philanthropic touch to the gaming experience, Gubbins pledges […]
Playstel just dropped its action-packed title, Dead Stand for Android. The game has this cool graphic style and a massive open-world map where you get to rock real-time […]
SkyRise Digital’s latest strategy title, Endless Frost, is now accessible through early access in the US region. Currently exclusive to Android users, the developer has not specified a […]
SpongeBob SquarePants – The Cosmic Shake is set to launch on mobile platforms in December 2023. The game is currently taking pre-registrations on Android and iOS devices. The […]
MythWalker, the first game from NantGames Studio, introduces an interesting geolocation fantasy role-playing experience set to launch on iOS and Android devices. Players will immerse themselves in the […]
Horcrux College, an anime-style RPG game, is currently in the process of recruiting Closed Beta Testers for the English server. The game is set to be available for […]