Visual Novel Games for Android and iPhone

Download the best Visual Novel Games for Android and iOS. A visual novel game is a narrative-driven interactive experience that combines elements of storytelling, artwork, and player choices. It typically features static visuals, immersive backgrounds, character portraits, and text-based dialogue accompanied by sound effects and music.

Tokyo Debunker
Tokyo Debunker, an otome simulation game, is currently open for pre-registration on both Android and iOS platforms. Developed by ZigZaGame, this captivating adventure places players in the role […]
NU: Carnival – Bliss, a fantasy role-playing game developed by DarkWind, has now been globally released for both Android and iOS platforms. In this immersive game, players embark […]
Methods Detective Competition
Methods: Detective Competition is a new game from Erabit Studios. As the inaugural chapter in the Methods Visual Novel series, this game challenges players to solve a diverse […]
Strange Horticulture
Bad Viking Games and Iceberg Interactive’s occult puzzler, Strange Horticulture, is set to make its debut on iOS and Android as a premium release through Plug in Digital […]
Grift Scam Tycoon
Grift: Scam Tycoon, an upcoming game from developer Bodeville, is set to release later this month. In this intriguing storyline, players assume the role of Henry Horns, a […]
Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han is a new Visual Novel game from Orange Studio. This new mystery adventure game features a main scenario crafted by Souzou Tonami, […]
Love and Deepspace is an upcoming visual novel otome game revealed by Papergames. The game is set to launch on iOS and Android platforms, available for download on […]
Mutsugoku Koi Iroha (Rokutsugoku Koi Iroha – 六ツ獄恋いろは) is a romance simulation visual novel game set in Mutsugoku Gakuen and interwoven with demons. You are a first-year student […]
Assemble With Care: ustwo Games’ Hit Narrative Puzzler Now Available on Android and iOS. Ustwo games, has officially released Assemble With Care on Android. This charming narrative puzzler, […]
Step into the eerie world of “My Lovely Wife,” a demon summoning simulator developed by GameChanger Studio and Toge Productions, and published by Neon Doctrine. This intriguing game […]
“Silent Hill: Ascension,” the latest horror survival title within the renowned Silent Hill franchise, has commenced pre-registrations for Android. Developed through a collaborative effort involving Genvid, Behaviour Interactive, […]
The Wreck is a mature 3D visual novel that intricately explores themes of sisterhood, motherhood, grief, and survival. Players take on the role of Juno, a struggling screenwriter, […]
Miniatures is an upcoming visual novel game from Other Tales Interactive coming to mobile and PC next year. The game presents a unique artistic interpretation of a series […]
Dude, Where Is My Beer? is a delightful casual adventure game developed by Arik Zurabian. The game has officially launched on iOS and is already available on multiple […]
OPUS: Prism Peak is a compelling narrative adventure. Assume the role of a photographer, lost within an otherworldly dimension, and employ your camera to unravel enigmatic mysteries, ultimately […]
Yukar From The Abyss is an enchanting new otome fantasy game crafted by LocaGames. Inspired by the captivating myths and legends of Japan’s Hokkaido region, this immersive journey […]
Lovebrush Chronicles is the English version of the famous For All Time game released by NetEase in China at the end of 2020. This version was released for […]
Underground Blossom is an upcoming adventure and visual novel game by Rusty Lake. In Underground Blossom, a game within the Rusty Lake Universe, players embark on a profound […]