Mutsugoku Koi Iroha (六ツ獄恋いろは)

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Mutsugoku Koi Iroha (Rokutsugoku Koi Iroha – 六ツ獄恋いろは) is a romance simulation visual novel game set in Mutsugoku Gakuen and interwoven with demons.

You are a first-year student at Mutsugoku Academy. He meets and interacts with the members of “Shura”, which is in charge of maintaining public order at the school. Experience a story where the ending changes depending on your choices.

“I myself, who I don’t even know, have been looking for it. The protagonist, a first-year student at Rokutsugoku Academy, a school located in the depths of Sanshisuimei”

This is a casual novel app that you can enjoy for free until the end using a “hand mirror” that recovers 5 times a day. By purchasing a “hand mirror” or a pass to unlock all stories for each route, you can read it without waiting too long. Depending on the choices you make during the story, the subsequent conversations and parameters of “trust” and “affinity” will change, and there are two types of endings depending on which side you lean towards.

This is an otome game/romance game that you can enjoy completely free of charge.

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