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Tokyo Debunker, an otome simulation game, is currently open for pre-registration on both Android and iOS platforms. Developed by ZigZaGame, this captivating adventure places players in the role of a manager overseeing a team of courageous agents on a mission to combat the emerging threat of Nekomata, monstrous entities causing chaos in Shibuya, Tokyo.

Embark on a journey as a dedicated reporter, inspired by the mysterious disappearance of your younger brother, a member of the UCRC. However, as the investigation unfolds, shocking revelations come to light. The Nekomata incidents serve as a smokescreen to conceal a more sinister truth: the UCRC is targeting individuals with the Cronos Gene, a genetic anomaly leading to ghoul-like transformations and a loss of humanity.

Caught in the midst of the turmoil, players must navigate a complex web of secrets, collaborating with the SA Cronos team established by the Ministry of Health. Together, they strive to apprehend Cronos carriers and prevent further chaos, unraveling the enigmatic urban legends of Tokyo in the process.

In Tokyo Debunker, players can establish new facilities with the assistance of adorable cat companions and collect a variety of charming feline allies to aid in their endeavors. Engage in thrilling battles alongside ghoul classmates against monsters, test your rhythm game skills for powerful items, and collaborate with other players in exciting co-op modes to build bonds and solve mysteries together.

Pre-register now to join the captivating journey in Tokyo Debunker. For iOS pre-registration, visit the official Tokyo Debunker website, and for Android, access the Google Play Store.

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Tokyo Debunker

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