Wuthering Waves
News Wuthering Waves launches on May for Mobile and PC Wuthering Waves, from developer Kuro Games, is an upcoming action gacha and RPG game for PC and mobile. The game was first unveiled in May 2022. It underwent its initial […] April 2, 2024
Super Farming Boy
News Super Farming Boy is heading to Android and iPhone (Beta available) Harvest Moon is one of the most famous games in the world and maybe the best in the genre, that is why Super Farming Boy, from LemonChili Studio, is an […] April 2, 2024
RAGNAROK Vertical Game
News RAGNAROK Vertical is a new Ragnarok game experience We got a new Ragnarok game, RAGNAROK Vertical is the latest game from Gravity Studio. This news game will be part of the large Ragnarok franchise, but it comes with […] April 2, 2024
Monster Never Cry
News Monster Never Cry – A new Idle Anti Hero RPG for Android Monster Never Cry is an action-packed anti-hero RPG now available on Android. This game places you in the shoes of the villain, akin to the classic Dungeon Keeper. Assume the […] March 19, 2024
Solo Leveling Arise Android APK
News Solo Leveling Arise – Pre-registration is open! Th pre-registration campaign for Solo Leveling: Arise mobile game has started. As per the App Store’s estimated time of arrival, the game is set to debut on May 8th, 2024 […] March 19, 2024
Paper Trail - Releases on May 21 through Netflix Games
News Paper Trail – Releases on May 21 through Netflix Games The indie studio Newfangled Games announced its new puzzle game: Paper Trail. After some delays, we finally got a release date, new screenshots and we finally know that it would […] March 18, 2024
Goddess Order
News Goddess Order – A new side-scrolling action RPG Goddess Order is  a new action RPG game developed by Kakao Games and PixelTribe Studio. We don’t have a release date soon, but a new trailer has arrived, where we […] March 18, 2024
New JoJo's Bizarre Adventure mobile game planned for 2025
News New “JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure” mobile game planned for 2025 Yes! Finally! We got information about a new mobile game based on the immensely popular anime series, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. This new game is currently in development and slated for […] March 18, 2024
The Sims 5 (Project Rene) is under development
News The Sims 5 (Project Rene) is under development The next chapter in the Sims franchise, Sims 5, developed by Maxis, has recently been leaked online. This leak comprises a playtest build of Sims 5, offering eager fans a […] February 27, 2024
Ex Astris Gets a New Gameplay Showcase
News Ex Astris Gets a New Gameplay Showcase Hypergryph has recently confirmed the release date of their premium RPG, Ex Astris, slated for February 27th. The extended gameplay showcase gives players a glimpse into the unique blend of […] February 23, 2024
News Warframe Mobile is finally globally available on iPhone Warframe Mobile is finally available on the App Store for iOS devices. Additionally, it has been revealed that an Android version of Warframe for mobile is presently under development and […] February 20, 2024
Wuthering Waves Closed Beta
News Wuthering Waves Closed Beta We got some Wuthering Waves news. Kurogame has officially announced the commencement of the second Closed Beta Test (CBT2) for Wuthering Waves. Players who have previously signed up for the […] February 19, 2024
News Elden Ring Mobile Game under development by Tencent Games There are indications that the critically acclaimed action RPG Elden Ring may be making its way to mobile, with Tencent Games leading the charge. Tencent acquired the licensing rights for […] February 6, 2024
Kamen Rider game announced for iOS and Android
News Kamen Rider game announced for iOS and Android Bandai Card Department has unveiled Ride Kamens, a forthcoming title for iOS and Android based on the Kamen Rider franchise. Developed by Liber Entertainment, it will debut as a free-to-play […] February 6, 2024
Floops Big House Adventure - Now Available
News Floops Big House Adventure – Now Available Floops Big House Adventure takes inspiration from 90s cartoons, offering gameplay reminiscent of the classic TV era (it looks weird, really). The game, developed by Buttery Games based in Canada, […] January 21, 2024
Palworld might get a mobile release
News Palworld might get a mobile release Palworld, the multiplayer survival crafting adventure by Pocketpair, has achieved remarkable success within just two days of its global release, selling 4 million copies on Steam and setting records with […] January 21, 2024