Pocket Incoming (Pet Adventure)

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Pocket Incoming, Pet Adventure or Pet Impact are the same game. Download one of the most played Pokémon based games overseas. This is a game with great animations, mechanics and end game content.

Pocket Incoming is a game that is not affiliate with the Pokémon Company or Nintendo. It seems to be an unofficial game which may have some troubles in the stores. That is why it use other names even if they have all the pokémons, movesets and art from the popular franchise.

This is a gacha game where we have to collect some cards with our favorite Pokémon. these are ranked according their power and exclusivity. We can have all of them if we have the enough resources, there is a banner time to time with new pokémons and events.

But getting the cards is just the first step. We have to level up and skill up our pokémon to make it the top tier. There are more attributes which we can farm, but it takes a lot of tie and resources. So we have to be carefully with what we use.

The graphics are really nice, there are some attack animations which are top, and we can’t even find them in the official games. It has a lot of RPG mechanics and it’s really well made. There are a lot of players on it in the different regions. Being SEA where is the biggest player base. Even playing forks of this game.

Pocket Incoming it’s a game that changes it’s download link time to time. If the links doesn’t work, please go to their Discord server and to the “Download-Links” section. Remember that this is not an official game and could close anytime. However, it has been around for a couple of years with a lot of players.

Although there are many names for the game (Pocket Incoming, Pet Impact, Pet Compact etc.), they are all the same game.


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