10 Best Pokémon Games for Android – iPhone (Updated 2023)

Updated: November 20, 2021

Download the best Pokémon games for Android and iPhone mobile phones. The Pokémon franchise has many games available for all types of mobile, from the popular Pokémon Go, a global phenomenon, to games more similar to Pokémon versions for Nintendo consoles such as Master Ex or Unite.

Nintendo and its partner Gamefreak are continuously releasing Pokémon games for Android devices as well as for iPhone. The vast majority are free games with in-app purchases or work as an extension of other games on consoles. Nevertheless these are top quality games and are very popular among fans and casual players.

Competitive Pokémon Games:

These are the most downloaded. These games are the most demanding with the player. They take a little more time and dedication. But they are also part of the best and most popular games for mobile phones. Pokémon Go is, maybe, the most popular game ever made.

Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is a very simple but complex game. In order to catch a pokémon we must leave the house, and go through the streets waiting for one of the pokémons that frequent the area to appear. The world is the playground. Pokémon Go depends a lot on the Internet connection, it will load the map of your local area and it will show the pokémons available in your area. If you want different pokémon, then we will have to walk through other areas.

The gameplay in Pokémon Go is quite simple. Just throw a pokeball to catch the pokemon on duty. However, that’s just the basis of the game. Pokémon Go is currently a much more complex game. We have Gym fights, fighting mode between players, Rocket team attacks, legendary raids, more extensive Pokémon management, etc. We have to learn a lot, but I recommend Pokemon Go Hub if you are looking for guides.

Although the “endgame” is quite broad and complex, the base remains simple. So it is not difficult to enjoy this game without getting too complicated. You can go out and play with friends or do it by yourself. But the base of the game requires that you go out to visit different places, preferably the most popular and populated, which are usually the points with the largest number of Pokémon available.

Pokémon Unite

This is the latest Pokémon game released and maybe the most competitive one. In Pokémon United, one of the best pokémon games ever made, we have to make a team in order to compete against other people in this MOBA. This is the first Pokémon game of this type and it has been hyped so much. Pokémon Unite is a great game with a nice pacing. We have to choose our Pokémon and go to an arena where we have to win the match by getting the highest score.

In order to do that we have 5 teammates which will help us to do so. In this game we have roles, we have DPS, supports, tanks, healing units and so on. We have to choose carefully what we want and what is the best for the team. Every hero has its own mechanics. Some work best with range attacks, but have low HP. In the other hand, we have tanks with huge HP and defenses, but slow in general.

Any pokémon can’t win by itself. We need a good team cooperation and sync. That is why this is the most demanding Pokémon game. There are some other games like this, for example DOTA or League of Legends. But where pokémon shines is in its well crafted world.

JCC Pokémon Online

Pokémon TCG Online is the official Pokémon card game. We have this game for PC, Android and iPhone. This is a card game, a very good and classic one. We will be able to collect thousands of cards from the Pokémon world and build our favorite teams. The core of Pokémon TCG is to compete against other players in the world and get to the top of the qualifications.

This Pokémon card game is very popular, of the best pokémon games out there. This is no only because of to the animation series and video games from other platforms, but also because the card game is very good and has a nice competitive environment. The Pokémon TCG begins, as in the classic series and other games, with the option of choosing a deck among the 3 most famous types of Pokémon: Grass, Fire or Water. Once the choice is made, we can start playing in a campaign mode that will give us new cards with each victory. One of the best pokémon games ever made.

Pokémon Master EX


DeNa and The Pokémon Company bring to us one of their most popular mobile games: Pokémon Masters. This game was released in 2019 but since 2020 it has been renamed to Pokémon Masters EX. A new version with more features and of course, pokémon.

In this update we got new adventures, some new events and more features that the players have been waiting. The main goal of The Pokémon Company and DeNa is to bring the experience of coaching pokémons to mobile devices. This is an adventure where we are going to meet a lot of allies and more enemies. All the things we have to do to become the world champion.

One of the updates were the legendary event called ‘New World Dilemma’, the appearance of the couple Lance, the Dragon Tamer, and Dragonite. Every some time the game has new events for it’s fan base.

Casual Pokémon Games

If you want to live the Pokémon experience but don’t have much time or want fun, short games, this is the selection of games you need. These games are made for people who likes the pokémon world but doesn’t want to spend so much time or effort.

If you look for a nice experience, these are the games you want. The best pokémon games for casuals. The best pokémon games if you just want to have some fun without worrying too much about being a pro player.

Pokémon Quest


This is one of the latest and cutest games in the Pokémon world. Our favorites pokémons arrives in the shape of cubes. Yes, a really cute premise. Now we have to go to a city called Isla Rodacubo. Our main mission is to discover the treasures and pokémons that are hidden in the island. A quite fun adventure suitable for all ages.

Pokémon Quest it is heavily inspired by Pokémon Red and Blue. Thanks to that we may find some of the most classic pokémon of the franchise, like Charmander or Pikachu. Of course, they will come in a special shape, a cube. These new friends will be along us in this new adventure were we have to find new treasures and experiences.

This game starts like any other pokémon game, we have to choose our starter. After setting our name we have to choose between Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle, each one representing an element of nature in particular, grass, fire and water. But in addition, we will have the option to choose the popular Pikachu or Eeve. So, more choices but the same adventure. The game is really easy to play, a mix of adventures and RPG.

Pokémon Home


This one is different. Instead of being a game, Pokémon Home works as a cloud service, designed to be a place where you can gather all your Pokémon in just one site. Every pokémon you catch in the different game could come to this service. So, is not a game, but works very well with some other games of the franchise.

Inside Home we can save all kind of pokémon, we have a space, a box, where we can storage all the Pokémon we have in other games. Of course this works mostly, and for now, with the main series for Nintendo Switch and DS.

It has a searching featured so the finding a specific pokémon is really easy. Remember that with time, we may get hundreds of pokémon. Having many pokémon is normal, each game brings new ones and we save from previous versions. So looking for a specific one can be a difficult task without Pokémon Home.

Pokémon Rumble Rush

Pokémon Rumble Rush is a free-to-play mobile game developed by Ambrella and published by The Pokémon Company. It is part of the Pokémon Rumble series and was released for Android and iOS devices. In Pokémon Rumble Rush, players control toy versions of Pokémon and engage in fast-paced, action-packed battles.

The gameplay involves exploring various islands and stages, where players encounter wild Pokémon. The battles are simple and involve tapping the screen to attack enemies. As players progress, they can collect and befriend different Pokémon, each with their own unique abilities and moves.

One of the distinguishing features of Pokémon Rumble Rush is the dynamic and ever-changing roster of available Pokémon. New islands and stages are regularly introduced, bringing different Pokémon species to the game. Players can also upgrade and power up their Pokémon to improve their stats and effectiveness in battles.

Additionally, the game features various events, such as special limited-time stages and boss battles, where players can earn rewards and rare Pokémon. It also includes cooperative multiplayer features, allowing players to team up with friends and battle powerful bosses together.

Pokémon PlayHouse

This is a pokémon game for the small kids on the house. In this game we can interact with all kinds of Pokémon and raise them as if they were digital pets, a really fun games.

Pokémon PlayHouse brings different areas to be able to carry out the care of our pokémon. We have a tower where we will find a spa, a dining room, a garden and other areas inside the house. Also included are activities designed for the youngest Pokémon fans, such as star gazing to identify a Pokémon in the sky.

At the beginning we will be given a Pokémon egg that we must take care of. As we progress, complete activities and make progress, the egg will hatch and give us a new Pokémon that we must take care of. The mechanics are very simple, the minigames and the game in general is aimed at children between 4 and 7 years old. As a guide, we will have a human character that will guide us through all the activities that we can do within the Pokémon Playhouse. It is a very simple and casual game.

Pokémon PlayHouse includes a mode where we can see the activities that the pokémons carry out. For this we can go to the game room to listen to a story and see our favorite Pokémon enjoying new and exciting adventures.

Unlicensed Pokémon Games

Oh, yes. The gray zone. Pokémon is a huge franchise, it has it brand in multiple kind of products, however, there are a lot of unlicensed games out there. Some of them are really good, even better than licenced ones, while others are just a scam. So, we selected the best Unlicensed Pokémon Games for you.

Pocket Incoming (Pocket Adventure)

Pocket Incoming (Megamon – Pet Adventure)

For me, the best. Pocket Incoming, aka Pocket Adventure, Pet Adventure, Megamon, etc. is a gacha RPG PvP Pokémon Game. This is an unofficial game that is not associated with the Pokémon Company or Nintendo. As a result, it may encounter difficulties in the app stores. Despite this, the game includes all the Pokémon, movesets, and artwork from the popular franchise, albeit under different names.

In Pocket Incoming, players enjoy a gacha-style gameplay where they collect cards featuring their favorite Pokémon. These cards are ranked based on their power and exclusivity. By acquiring sufficient resources, players can collect all the available cards. Additionally, periodic banners introduce new Pokémon and events to keep the game engaging.

However, obtaining the cards is just the initial phase. Players must then focus on leveling up and enhancing their Pokémon to reach the top tier. Various attributes can be farmed to strengthen the Pokémon, but it requires significant time and resources. Therefore, players must be cautious and strategic in their resource management.

There aren’t download link, you can check our Pocket Incoming Website with updated or links or you may visit their Discord Server and get some.

Pocket Here We Go

Another unofficial game. A nice looking one. Pocket Here We Go is an exciting mobile 3D game set in the Pokémon universe. Like other Pokémon games, players embark on a journey to explore the Pokémon world and strive to become the ultimate Pokémon Master.

What sets Pocket Here We Go apart from most Pokémon games is its unique approach to storytelling. Rather than starting as a young Trainer in their hometown, the game immediately thrusts players into a scenario where they are already recognized as a Pokémon Master. This allows players to experience the thrill of using a diverse range of Pokémon in battles right from the start. Along the way, players will encounter Hoopla and witness the mischievous actions of Team Rocket’s Meowths, a familiar sight in the Pokémon series. Following the guidance of the Meowths, players are swiftly introduced to a tutorial where they must engage in Pokémon battles.

In Pocket Here We Go, players assemble a team of six Pokémon, each possessing their own unique abilities and types, to engage in turn-based gameplay. By tapping on their Pokémon icons, players can unleash powerful skills and strategically combine moves with their other Pokémon to maximize damage output and gain an advantage in battles.

More of the Best Pokémon Games to Come

Pokémon mobile games have revolutionized the way we experience the Pokémon franchise, offering a portable and immersive experience that captures the essence of being a Pokémon Trainer. With their accessibility, engaging gameplay, and continuous updates, these games continue to bring joy and excitement to fans of all ages, creating a vibrant and dynamic Pokémon gaming community.

Stay tuned for more of the new Best Pokémon Games.

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