Pokémon Unite

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Download the latest Pokémon game Pokémon Unite for Android and iPhone mobile phones. The Pokémon universe has been with us so much time. The latest big game from The Pokémon Company is Pokémon Unite, a battle-based multiplayer game. The MOBA  of a franchise with millions of fans with a great gameplay.

In Pokémon Unite we must fight in teams of 5vs5 with the classic MOBA mechanics. Two teams in a 3 lanes arena. Each of the Pokémon we can use has a unique specialty and its own set of skills. Strategy will be the key to victory as long to learn to play with our teammates.

At the beginning we have to create our character. Then we just have to see some tutorials to learn the mechanics of the game. After that, and some Pokémon License agreement, we go to the classic first Pokémon choice. the only way to level up and evolve our Pokémon is going to battle and get some wins. The evolution is not permanent, as in other company titles. We always star with the base pokémon and in each game we can get the evolution for that match.

When you defeat a Pokémon, the fainted Pokémon rewards you with its Aeos Energy, which we can collect to enhance our team’s efforts. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t never played a Pokémon game before. Previous knowledge or experience does not add  any kind of advantage since this is a game on its own.

There are three currencies in the game: Aeos Gems, Aeos Coins and Aeos Tickets. There is a drop down menu that show us what to do with every coin. But you can also make purchases with real money. If you buy a cosmetic item like a Holowear, it gives the designated Pokémon a unique ability, as well as boosting its attacks. So it’s kind of a P2W mechanic that we don’t like.

The Pokémon that are obtained in the game are of a specific class: balanced, defensive, support, agile and offensive. They have their own combat style, so in order to win battles we must choose wisely taking into account the another pokémons our teammates will use and our oponente lineup.

Our pokémon can evolve during games. There is some transformation in-game, for example, we can get our Bulbasaur evolve to Venusaur reaching level 9; however, they can also evolve by upgrading their most powerful attacks and improving their stats. The game also features a definitive ability: Unite moves, a massive attack that can turn tables in a match.

Pokémon Unite has a simple but complex premise. Short games, creatures that fill your heart with nostalgia and battles in real time. It is not an easy task to play a MOBA, but it can be a good challenge for the people. The most exciting section of this game is the qualifying games, which allow us to enter the competitive field, which comes with a ranking system that makes us measure ourselves against the rest of the players around the world.

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