Omega Strikers

Omega Strikers Overview

Omega Strikers is an an excellent game that rewards tactical gameplay and teamwork. A lot is going on in each match, but once you’ve figured out your character’s mechanics, you’ll score your way to victory in no time. Experience the thrill of lightning-fast 3v3 “footbrawling” as you smash opponents and score goals.

With over 15 stylish Strikers to choose from, sling slimes, toss tofu, and rocket boost your way to victory. Team up with friends and outplay your rivals to become the ultimate Omega Striker. Each match is unique as you blast, bounce, and bullrush opponents into hectic and electrifying map hazards. Run at breakneck speed on the Oni Village map, or navigate a swirling gravity well on Atlas’s Lab.

Play the game your way by earning credits to unlock powerful new Strikers, each with their own unique abilities. Customize your playstyle with Trainings and upgrade your appearance with skins and emotes.
Stay engaged with big seasonal updates that continually evolve the game. Each new season brings new Strikers, additional stages, fresh unlockables, and more ways to play.

Omega Strikers is free-to-play, but all its microtransactions are cosmetic. Best of all, it’s crossplay with all supported platforms. Just make sure you grab an Android-compatible controller for the best experience.

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Omega Strikers

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