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Rainbow Six: SMOL Overview

Rainbow Six: SMOL brings the excitement of Ubisoft’s beloved Tom Clancy Rainbow Six universe to mobile devices, now accessible on both Android and iOS platforms through Netflix Games.

From our opinion, Rainbow Six: SMOL is like a colorful and artistically infused rendition of the Rainbow Six series, packed with fun elements. Players assume the role of a Recruit in Rainbow, tasked with saving the world of Smol from a mysterious threat.

The game offers five diverse game modes and features 10 factions of enemies, ranging from dragons to terrifying demons and gun-wielding humans. Victory hinges on players’ ability to adapt their strategies based on the objectives and types of enemies encountered. They can assemble unique squads of Rainbow Operators, each endowed with special abilities akin to the original universe, such as Sledge’s brute force or Valkyrie’s reconnaissance skills. Progressing through missions unlocks new operators, gear, and recruit classes.

Successfully completing missions rewards players with XP and in-game credits for unlocking new weapons and upgrades. However, failure means permanent death for the player’s character, necessitating a restart with a recruit. Whether opting for stealth or unleashing the squad’s power to level buildings, Rainbow Six: SMOL offers countless missions, enemies, and infinite Recruits for hours of exhilarating fun and destruction.

For Netflix subscribers, the opportunity to download and play Rainbow Six: SMOL on mobile devices awaits via the Google Play Store for Android and the App Store for iOS.

Rainbow Six Mobile

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Rainbow Six SMOL

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