Battle Crush (Beta)

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Battle Crush has initiated its inaugural global beta test, catering to Android and PC users across 25 different countries. This high-speed and frenetic arena combat game finds its place at the intersection of MOBA and fighting game genres, featuring a diverse cast of characters, each endowed with their unique abilities and playstyles.

At first glance, Battle Crush evokes memories of a bygone PC game, the lamented Battlerite. The resemblance goes beyond mere naming conventions; both games share the top-down perspective of MOBA-like arena fighters. However, Battle Crush injects elements of the battle royale genre, creating a harmonious blend of fighting games, MOBAs, and battle royales.

Navigating this amalgamation may seem like a daunting task, but the game manages it with finesse. The core concept involves 30 players entering a map with a progressively shrinking play area, inevitably forcing confrontations. Although there are three distinct game modes, the central gameplay revolves around selecting a character and mastering their abilities to engage other players.

The characters in Battle Crush display striking diversity, each possessing unique offensive and defensive traits. This necessitates a significant learning curve, both in terms of mastering your chosen character and adapting to your opponents.

If you want to experience Battle Crush firsthand, you can obtain the beta client at no cost from the provided link, provided you are located within one of the 25 countries currently supported by the server.

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