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Feud is a turn-based abstract tactics game available for free on both Android and iOS platforms. In this two-player strategy game, players engage on a 4×4 board, reminiscent of chess, with either black or white pieces under their control. The objective is to either capture the opponent’s king or isolate all other pieces, achieved by ensuring a piece has no same-colored adjacent pieces.

Players can challenge themselves or play with friends in various modes, including single-player vs AI, local multiplayer, and online matches available in real-time or asynchronous formats. Additionally, players can propose a draw to their opponents during gameplay.

Featuring unique abilities for each piece, “Feud” offers a condensed version of chess with notable distinctions. Pieces are swapped instead of being moved on the board, offering a gameplay experience that is easy to grasp but challenging to master due to its abstract nature.

One of the highlights of “Feud” is its accessibility, as it is entirely free with no in-app purchases, having been funded solely through Patreon. If you’re intrigued by this concept, mark your calendar for February 23rd to download the game and embark on a strategic journey.

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