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Astragon Entertainment and Mi’pu’mi Games are set to release their stylish tactical puzzler, Howl, on iOS and Android devices later this month.

Howl introduces an intriguing premise: A “howling plague” ravages medieval times, transforming anyone who hears it into feral beasts akin to werewolves. Players assume the role of the story’s heroine, who, being deaf, is immune to the plague. She embarks on a quest to find a cure for the epidemic and rescue her lost brother.

While Howl bears resemblances to a tactical RPG, it primarily operates as a puzzle game. Its mechanics are devoid of significant randomness, and the game meticulously tracks available resources throughout each stage.

Success in Howl hinges on leveraging knowledge of various wolf behaviors to devise strategic plans for victory. While undeniably captivating, mastering the game requires patience and a willingness to learn its intricacies.

Interested players can pre-order the iOS version of Howl from the App Store, with the Android version set to launch simultaneously on March 21st. The game adopts a free-to-try model, with a one-time $3.99 full game unlock available via in-app purchase.

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