Pokémon Masters EX

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Download Pokémon Masters EX for Android and iPhone. DeNa and The Pokémon Company renew one of their most popular mobile games: Pokémon Masters, released in 2019. Since 2020, this game has been renamed to Pokémon Masters EX. In this update we got new adventures, special events, bonuses and special features.

The Pokémon Company and DeNa wants to bring the experience of coaching combat to mobile devices, an adventure in which the player will find allies and enemies, but maintaining a single objective: to be the world champion.

In Pokémon Masters EX we can face the most outstanding trainers in the saga. The game is placed on the fictional Passio Island, where we will battle against gym leaders, high command members and Champions. The story mode has a division of several chapters, whose difficulty increases according to the player’s progression. The “time to beat” of the game is around 8 hours.

On Passio Island is where the players might become the next world champion. To do this, you must enter the Word Pokémon Masters (WPM), it requires five badges, which are earned by defeating WPM leaders located on the island. The game will allow you to choose three pairs for battles, each trainer will have their Pokémon as a couple.

The selection and strategy we use will be key to defeating the five WPM leaders. The game also allows us to play in co-op combat with other players, although this is achieved by unlocking an advanced level.

Combats take place in real time and each creature’s abilities has a cooldown, so it’s crucial to make a good strategy. As the difficulty increases, trainers may grind with their Pokémon to level up.

The game is available for Android mobile devices and for iPhone and iPad users. Pokémon Masters EX has a free to play experience, it does not limit the player who doesn’t want to spend money on purchases in the game, as it is also possible to achieve everything by getting more hours in this game.

This game from DeNa and The Pokémon Company offers a simple yet intuitive interface. It does a correct job and the display of the menu allows us to attend different events without much difficulty, especially 3×3 combat, the central element of this game. There are also simple dialogues, of which the staunch fans of the saga will enjoy much more.

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