Monster Never Cry – A new Idle Anti Hero RPG for Android

Monster Never Cry is an action-packed anti-hero RPG now available on Android. This game places you in the shoes of the villain, akin to the classic Dungeon Keeper. Assume the role of the Demon Lord tasked with rebuilding the Exiled City into your stronghold.

Monster Never Cry revolves around hatching Evo Eggs to summon a diverse array of monsters, each with unique traits. Engage in base-building, RPG battles, and egg hatching to bolster your forces, all while facing off against the armies of the Hero King. It has a lot of Idle RPG elements.

Monster Never Cry

Presented in a vertical layout, Monster Never Cry immerses you in the role of an exiled Demon Lord striving to rebuild a city and thwart the forces of the Hero King. As the storyline unfolds, you’ll forge alliances with fellow Demon Lords while uncovering the mysteries behind the invasion of Askr.

Monster Never Cry offers a wealth of content to explore. The concept of playing as the antagonist adds an intriguing layer to the gameplay, catering to those who crave flashy monsters over conventional armored foes.

If you like this kind of games, download it on the Google Play Store for Android or Apple iOS Store for iPhone.

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