Winning Derby – 勝利の少女

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May 8, 2024
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Winning Derby (勝利の少女) is a Horse Race waifu anime style game for Android. In a future where humans aim to revive the former glory of famous racehorses, they’ve created female figures called “Winbies.” These Winbies are imbued with the essence of historical horses, possessing unique memories, strong willpower, and physical prowess. Their singular purpose is to excel on the racetrack for their masters.

Winbies, with their unparalleled passion and extraordinary abilities, strive to showcase the former glory of renowned horses. While their primary goal is victory, they also form deep connections with their masters, rooted in mutual trust and understanding.

Representing the horse racing industry in the miraculous continent of the 2D world, Winbies are revered as symbols of victory goddesses. They attract countless fans and supporters with their charm and prowess, competing in races worldwide.

As a trainer, collaborate with dedicated Winbies to conquer target races. Through daily training and communication, work together to achieve dreams, leading Winbies to triumph on the racetrack.

Break regional boundaries and unfold heartwarming stories of various characters rooted in horse racing history. Competitors like “Beauty Generation” from Hong Kong, “Winx” from Australia, and “California Chrome” from America vie for honors, nurturing world-renowned Winbies and striving for victory.

Experience the thrill of live competition with stunning 3D graphics and multiple viewing angles. In “Winning Derby,” a new generation raising simulation game, feel the excitement and speed surpassing that of horse racing itself.


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