Super Farming Boy is heading to Android and iPhone (Beta available)

Harvest Moon is one of the most famous games in the world and maybe the best in the genre, that is why Super Farming Boy, from LemonChili Studio, is an amazing addition to Android and iOS, a game like Harvest Moon but for mobile devices. This kind of games are the ones where you can just kick back, tend to your crops, and enjoy the simple virtual life.

In this game, you’re not just a regular farmer. You’re super farmer. But there’s a catch. A Big Bad has kidnapped all your friends and your own mother, holding them hostage with a hefty price tag. Now, you’re on a mission to save them by farming your way to freedom and taking down the villain. Sounds like a hero journey.

Super Farming Boy

Super Farming Boy isn’t your typical farming game, it has a heavy dose of arcade action. The trailer sets up the story nicely, showcasing combo-based farming and a slew of power-ups that add an exciting twist to the gameplay. It has quirky characters, animations, and a really nice art style.

While there’s no firm release date yet, you can wishlist the PC version on Steam to stay updated, or sign up for beta testing on the game’s official website.

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