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RAGNAROK 20 HEROES is the latest addition to the Ragnarok Series by Gravity Co. RAGNAROK 20 HEROES harks back to the classic RPG experience, revolving around stage-based missions and levels where players embark on quests to eliminate monsters in various locales. The title itself alludes to the game’s impressive roster of Knights, a total of 20 in number.

Players will have the opportunity to assemble their own formidable unit from these heroes, strategically battling enemies and progressively advancing through the stages.

Diversity is a key feature of “RAGNAROK 20 HEROES,” allowing players to handpick and compose their own crew from the 20 unique Ragnaroks, each offering distinct attributes and abilities. Furthermore, the game introduces an engaging PvP mode, enabling players to go head-to-head and vie for supremacy by pitting their custom squad of Ragnarok warriors against each other.

Character progression is a central focus of “RAGNAROK 20 HEROES,” featuring a plethora of dungeons with epic boss encounters. These challenges not only provide opportunities for players to compete at their best but also serve as a means to level up their 20 knights, leveraging the experience gained from intense dungeon battles. In return, players are rewarded with various treasures and armor to enhance their heroes further.

Interested players from Korea can pre-register for the game via Google Play and Apple Store.

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