Tower of Gray (JP)

To a fleeting yet beautiful gray world.
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Apr 10, 2024
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Tower of Gray (タワー オブ グレイ) is a strategic RPG game. Enter a world cloaked in fleeting gray, yearning for the vibrant blue of clear skies. In this stunning apocalypse simulation RPG, venture forth alongside the artificial weapon “Regainer” and the innocent life form “Minion” as they confront impending disaster and ascend the towering “Tower of Ashes” that pierces the heavens.

Hundreds of years ago, a colossal tower descended, blanketing the world in ash and robbing it of color. Humanity dwindled as the poisonous ash eroded their bodies, leaving behind only “ash monsters” to haunt the desolate landscape. Yet, humanity persevered, crafting the “Regainer” and “Minion” from the enigmatic “Tensou Stone” to combat the encroaching darkness and reclaim their lost world. With hope kindling in their hearts, humanity stands firm against the tower’s relentless advance, dreaming of azure skies.

Engage in real-time battles that seamlessly blend ease of use with strategic depth, navigating a world rendered in breathtaking artwork. Utilize the innovative “Idle system” to bolster your strength even in moments of respite, fortify your miniature garden to expand humanity’s foothold, and unlock new avenues of exploration as you progress through the game.

Delve into the depths of character development with a robust reinforcement system, forming bonds with captivating personalities along the way. Join forces with fellow adventurers in guilds, embarking on perilous quests to vanquish formidable monsters scattered across expansive landscapes.

Experience the beauty of a world teetering on the brink of ruin, where hope springs eternal amidst the ashes. Will you rise to the challenge and lead humanity towards the promise of a brighter tomorrow.

Tower of Gray is available on Android and iOS.



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