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The Wreck is a mature 3D visual novel that intricately explores themes of sisterhood, motherhood, grief, and survival. Players take on the role of Juno, a struggling screenwriter, as she grapples with the most pivotal day of her life. Throughout the game, Juno engages in challenging conversations and endeavors to piece together the fragments of her life that have led to her current predicament.

In “The Wreck,” portrayed as a “visual novel with an adult tone,” players assume the persona of Juno, a 36-year-old woman whose life is in turmoil. Her professional career has come to a grinding halt, and her personal life resembles a desolate landscape.

However, her life takes a profound turn when she receives a life-altering phone call from the hospital, notifying her of her mother’s critical condition. This event serves as the breaking point for Juno, compelling her to embark on a journey of transformation before the weight of her circumstances becomes unbearable.

The Wreck beckons readers to delve deep into Juno’s recollections and reconstruct the narrative of her past, shrouded in a tragic secret at its core. Rooted in a profound comprehension of Juno’s trauma, the story navigates her tumultuous journey on this pivotal day, offering fresh avenues for dialogue and the promise of healing fractured relationships.

The Pixel Hunt will release his The Wreck on October 3 on the App Store and Google Play at a still unknown price. The Steam version is priced at $19.

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