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Yukar From The Abyss is an enchanting new otome fantasy game crafted by LocaGames. Inspired by the captivating myths and legends of Japan’s Hokkaido region, this immersive journey invites players into a realm of wonder. Assume the identity of Kurumi Oki, who, seeking solace, relocates from Tokyo to Hokkaido for a tranquil existence.

Yet, her life takes an otherworldly turn when a mysterious man declares her deceased, leading her towards the netherworld. Unintentionally unlocking the divine doors, Kurumi uncovers an entirely new dimension, embarking on a quest to carve out a meaningful afterlife.

“Tired and disillusioned with her busy life in Tokyo, Kurumi Oki decides to slow down and move to Hokkaido for a fresh start. One night, on the train home from meeting up with her friends, she dozes off and realizes she has missed her stop. Panicked, she gets off the train and finds herself at an unfamiliar station called Kamuy Mosir.”

Within the game’s embrace, four central story paths await exploration, each player decision weaving its intricate thread into the tapestry of narrative, inevitably guiding the path towards unique conclusions. With meticulously rendered artistry gracing the story routes, each trajectory unveils approximately three hours of captivating gameplay. The personal touch extends further, as players can name their protagonist, an endeavor to fully immerse themselves in the unfolding saga.

Embark on this fantastical odyssey as Yukar from the Abyss prepares to grace the realms of PC through Steam and iOS platforms on August 22nd. While details regarding the Android release remain pending, eager players can find further updates and insights by visiting the official website or following the game’s official Twitter channel.

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