Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han

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Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han is a new Visual Novel game from Orange Studio. This new mystery adventure game features a main scenario crafted by Souzou Tonami, known for his work on various mystery adventure stories such as “THE Kanshikikan” and “THE Suiri.” The narrative spans five chapters, blending elements of both comedy and seriousness.

The story revolves around Haruka Mano, a young detective transferred to the experimental “Interrogation Unit” of the Monzen Station Metropolitan Police Department. Accompanied by Woopa, her mascot-like AI companion, she tackles a variety of challenging cases.

In one case, the president of a large company has been abducted, and a suspect is promptly arrested. However, despite confessing to the crime, they remain silent about the president’s whereabouts. What hidden motives are at play? Players will need to review the case file, consult with unit members, and devise a strategy.

Subsequently, they will interview witnesses, visit crime scenes, and gather information to use during the interrogation process to extract the truth from the suspect.

Suspects Room: Keishichou Monzen Sho Torishirabe Han for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Switch, PC (Steam), iOS, and Android. It will launch for Switch this winter in Japan for 1,200 yen, followed by the other versions at a later date.

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