Star Crusader: Cosmic Conquest

The alien creatures has invaded all planets in the galaxy and your duty is to save all the planets from evil cosmic monsters, but you will not be alone.
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May 6, 2024
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Star Crusader is an idle RPG adventure where players can join forces with newfound allies as they embark on a mission to rescue planets from the grip of evil. Together, let’s assemble the mightiest space troops ever known, comprising a diverse array of Heroes and races wielding unique powers and strategies to vanquish the alien threat.

Craft your ultimate team of four heroes, each possessing distinct playstyles and skills crucial for navigating the challenges ahead. Choose wisely, for the fate of the universe rests upon your selections.

Embark on a journey through newly discovered lands seized by the alien menace. Reclaim lost planets, gather vital resources to recruit additional heroes, and continuously enhance your stats and weaponry to prepare for the battles ahead.

Delve into treacherous dungeons teeming with monsters, mobs, and hordes of adversaries. With just a single finger, command your troops in combat, obliterating foes and reclaiming territory one conquest at a time.

Star Crusader offers a plethora of features: stunning 2D graphics and enjoy smooth gameplay, select from a diverse roster of heroes, each offering unique strategies and gameplay mechanics, experience the convenience of one-handed gameplay as your troops engage in battle and gather various resources such as Brains, Woods, and Gems while exploring new worlds and planets.

Embark on your cosmic conquest today by downloading “Star Crusader: Cosmic Conquest” and plunge into an adventure across the galaxy. Available on Android.


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