Vange : Idle RPG

■ Customized Skill Tree
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May 8, 2024
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Vange : Idle RPG is and immersive world where adventure and excitement await at every turn. In this captivating idle RPG, players are invited to customize their skill tree, strategically honing various skills to create their own unique path to victory. With skills divided into active and passive categories, players have the freedom to tailor their character’s abilities to suit their individual playstyle.

Experience the thrill of the unbreakable equipment enhancement and evolution system, where utilizing steel to evolve equipment unlocks even more powerful gear. With a 100% success rate for evolution, players can enhance their equipment with ease, and even if an enhancement attempt fails, their gear remains intact. Additionally, enhancement scrolls offer an extra boost to equipment, ensuring that players are always prepared for their next adventure.

Delve into the equipment synthesize system, where combining four pieces of equipment of the same tier enhances their overall tier. With automatic and batch synthesize features available at no additional cost, players can streamline their gameplay experience and enhance their gear efficiently. Explore a myriad of growth elements beyond equipment, including badges and artifacts that bolster character strength and enhance abilities. Customize your character’s appearance with costumes, pets, and mounts, allowing for endless personalization options that truly make each character unique.

The game has weekly updated content, with the game receiving updates nearly every week to keep the adventure fresh and exciting for players. With a real idle RPG gameplay experience, players can simply keep the game running and it will hunt automatically, even when they’re not actively signed in.

Available for Android and iOS.



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