Nerd Survivors

The ordinary gaming night among four friends takes a chaotic turn when they find themselves transported to a preposterous fantasy realm.
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May 16, 2024
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Nerd Survivors is an interesting action game for Android and iOS. You can download the Lite edition now. An ordinary gaming night among four friends takes a chaotic turn when they are unexpectedly transported to a preposterous fantasy realm teeming with thousands of wacky monsters.

Arm yourself with pizza frag-grenades, enchanted fidget spinners, and unleash absurd magic spells. You can even fling your friends into the fray to repel the relentless hordes of monsters determined to obliterate you.

Scavenge resources and blueprints, then harness the ‘Forge of Destiny’ to customize your weapons or craft the ultimate armaments of your nerdy dreams. Create powerful gear to give yourself a fighting chance against the madness.

Can you endure 20 minutes of non-stop madness and make your way back to your gaming night? Face the relentless waves of enemies and use every tool and tactic at your disposal to survive.

Nerd Survivors is a bullet-heaven action rogue-lite survivor adventure set in the Doom & Destiny Worlds universe. Enjoy a blend of frantic action and strategic crafting as you navigate this chaotic world.

Join the battle, survive the chaos, and find your way back to reality in Nerd Survivors. Download now and embark on this hilariously intense adventure!



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