Legend of Egg: Idle RPG

As usual, the egg was having a good day.
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May 9, 2024
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Legend of Egg is an Idle RPG from SuperFlex. Experience the whimsical tale of the ordinary egg in “The Egg’s Farm Breakout Story”! What started as just another day for the egg quickly turned into an unexpected adventure when it found itself abducted by an unknown assailant. Suddenly, the peaceful existence of the egg was shattered, and it was thrust into a perilous situation.

Awakening from its daze, the egg realized it was in the clutches of a farmer, poised to be fried. In a moment of panic, the egg managed to break free from the farmer’s grasp and fled for its life. But the farmer, determined to recapture the fleeing egg, enlisted the help of the farm animals to chase it down.

In “The Egg’s Farm Breakout Story”, players embark on a survival growth journey alongside the resilient egg as it strives to become stronger against all odds. Despite its small and fragile nature, the egg possesses unlimited potential for growth in stats and abilities. Through challenging dungeons and resourceful tactics, players can aid the egg in acquiring various equipment and resources to bolster its strength.

Defeat farm animals, acquire equipment, skills, and even make new friends along the way! With generous quest rewards, players can obtain unlimited equipment to enhance the egg’s capabilities and style. Even when players are unable to actively participate, rewards continue to pour in through idle gameplay. Gold and various equipment await those who choose to leave the game running in the background.

As a bonus, engage in mini-games to acquire essential resources for research through card flipping. The Egg’s Farm Breakout Story promises an immersive and entertaining experience filled with challenges, growth, and endless surprises.

The game is available for Android.


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