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May 16, 2024
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Age of Raft is an Android RPG that blends simulation and management elements to create a captivating survival experience. Set in a world where a great flood has submerged the continents, players must navigate the challenges of living at sea. As the leader of the survivors, you are tasked with rebuilding your home on a raft, managing scarce resources, and withstanding various natural disasters.

In Age of Raft, you will customize and expand your raft to accommodate your growing community. Utilize your management skills to ensure the survival and well-being of your people. Explore the open sea to gather essential resources. Scarcity makes every find crucial, requiring strategic planning and efficient use of materials.

Face the unpredictability of the ocean, from storms to waves and other natural calamities. Your leadership and quick decision-making will be vital to keeping your raft intact and your survivors safe. Take on the role of a leader, making critical decisions that impact the lives of your community. Balancing the needs of your people with the harsh realities of the new world is key to your success.

With its immersive gameplay and intricate blend of RPG and simulation mechanics, Age of Raft challenges players to survive and thrive in a post-apocalyptic oceanic world. Can you rise to the challenge and lead your people to safety? Download now and find out.


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