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The Longing is an upcoming adventure and idle game for iOS. This game looks incredible sad and amazing at the same time. The Longing was originally launched on PC in March of 2020, and now it will be available on mobile.

If you were assigned a singular life purpose but had to endure 400 days before fulfilling it, how would you choose to spend that extensive period of waiting? The Longing, a creation by Studio Seufz and Application Systems Heidelberg, poses this intriguing question.

Assume the role of a diminutive gollum with the monumental task of rousing a colossal stone King from a prolonged slumber within precisely 400 days. After the King issues your directives, retreating into a deep sleep, the subsequent 400 days unfold at your discretion.

Set in an expansive subterranean cavern teeming with captivating locations and activities, The Longing provides an array of options to fill your time. The real-time countdown of 400 days begins as soon as your game commences, persisting whether you actively engage with the game or not.

Exploration yields numerous discoveries that can influence the countdown, introducing an incentive to thoroughly explore and uncover hidden facets of the cavern. The game offers four distinct endings, suggesting the potential for over four years of gameplay to experience each conclusion. The mobile version is set to launch on December 18th, and in anticipation, you can pre-order it on the iOS App Store for $4.99.

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