Spirit of the Island (Pre-Register)

Your adventure begins on a distant island, deep in a tropical Archipelago.
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Apr 19, 2024
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Embark on a journey of self-discovery and rejuvenation in Spirit of the Island, where ancient tradition meets tropical paradise. As part of the coming-of-age ritual in your homeland, you find yourself on a distant island nestled within a vibrant Archipelago. Once a thriving tourist hotspot, the island now lies dormant, waiting to be revitalized. It’s up to you to breathe life back into this idyllic haven while unraveling the mysteries of your own past.

Settle into your new surroundings by gathering essential resources, building shelter, and cultivating the land. Dive into a myriad of activities, from farming and mining to crafting and fishing, each contributing to your growth and mastery of the island’s diverse skills. With 10 unique skills to develop, including social interactions and the art of fishing, you’ll immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of experiences.

Transform your island into a bustling tourist destination, adorned with quaint shops and captivating landmarks. Cater to the needs of tourists by offering local produce, curating museums, and showcasing the treasures you uncover. As visitors flock to your paradise, bolster your economy and expand your horizons by venturing to distant islands in search of coral and adventure.

In Spirit of the Island, every tourist represents an opportunity to enhance your community and workforce. Welcome them with open arms, and they may decide to stay, lending their skills to your cause. In the cooperative 2-player mode, you and a friend can explore, farm, and build together, sharing resources and embarking on a shared adventure across the Archipelago.

Delve into the mysteries of the islands, each teeming with unique fauna, secrets, and ancient caves guarded by enigmatic creatures. Encounter a vibrant cast of characters, each with their own stories and personalities. Forge meaningful connections, and perhaps even find love amidst the tropical splendor.

With its lush landscapes, engaging gameplay, and cooperative multiplayer mode, Spirit of the Island offers an unforgettable journey of discovery and community-building. Uncover the secrets of the past, cultivate lasting friendships, and breathe new life into the world around you.


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