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Tale of Sword is a Fantasy Idle RPG for Android. Players prepare for a thrilling adventure with the launch of Tale of Sword, an exciting fantasy-themed idle RPG now available in open beta.

While the backdrop of heroic adventures might seem familiar, Tale of Sword aims to stand out in the crowded field of idle RPGs with its unique visual style, which combines the charm of 80s and 90s Japanese comic books with an anime twist. Moreover, it offers straightforward and enjoyable gameplay, making it perfect for those who want a gaming experience without demanding a significant time commitment.

In terms of gameplay, it follows the familiar pattern of assembling a team of heroes and letting them engage in idle combat. While you can take a more active role in the battles with occasional mini-games, this game primarily caters to fans of idle RPGs who enjoy making progress while having the game run in the background of their daily routine.

As for the storyline, don’t expect a complex epic here. Tale of Sword follows the classic narrative of heroes embarking on a quest to save the world. This is a game designed for players who want to keep it running throughout the day, occasionally checking in to witness their progress and watch their in-game achievements grow.

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