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Midas Merge is a new strategy puzzle game from Never Forget Games Studio. In Midas Merge, players embark on an epic journey through the once-vibrant Gardens of Gold. Their mission is to dispel the mysterious shadows that have befallen this enchanting land. Armed with the power of merging, players will nurture mythical creatures, uncover rare treasures, and reclaim the lost realms of King Midas and Queen Lya. This game, crafted with an abundance of passion, is not merely a fresh take on the merge genre but a deep and captivating adventure in its own right.

Harness your merging prowess by skillfully dragging and matching 3 (or more) objects of the same kind, evolving them into something greater. Your growing creature collection will not only enliven your garden but also assist in harvesting items for further merging and play. As you farm various shrubs to obtain fruits, you’ll craft Sunbursts, which, when tapped, explode into radiant Sun, dispelling the darkness and unlocking the hidden secrets of the Gardens of Gold.

Dive into the Vault of Riches and try your luck at winning some of Midas’ renowned prizes. Merge items within the Vault to unveil wonderful discoveries and earn valuable items to enhance your Gardens. The treasures you amass will contribute to the restoration of this mystical realm.

Never Forget Games’ debut title, Midas Merge, is available on Android and iOS devices for free.

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