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Studio Folly has officially released Gubbins on iOS and Android. This is a delightful and unconventional word game. Adding a philanthropic touch to the gaming experience, Gubbins pledges to donate 10% of its proceeds to support efforts in reducing maternal and child mortality rates in Sierra Leone through a non-profit charity.

In Gubbins, players can showcase their linguistic prowess by strategically placing tiles to form words. Quirky Gubbins characters play a dual role, either assisting players or creating cheerful chaos, adding a playful twist to the solo Scrabble adventure. The game’s charm is heightened by its funky visuals, minimalist typography, and a touch of roguelike elements.

For those seeking vocabulary challenges, Gubbins offers the opportunity to collect 25 unique Gubbins while striving for high scores. Share your word creations with friends through postcards, and experience daily-changing levels for a consistently fresh and entertaining gameplay experience.

To dive into the wordy world of Gubbins, players can download the game on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the iOS App Store. Gubbins follows a free-to-play model with optional in-app purchases. Stay updated on the latest developments by visiting the official website, joining the community on Twitter for game-related updates, or catching a glimpse of the embedded clip for a preview of the game’s atmosphere and visuals.

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