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Puzzle & Dragons Story marks the latest addition to the smartphone puzzle role-playing game series “Puzzle & Dragons,” and notably, it is the first title available on Apple Arcade. Players embark on a journey to clear a diverse range of dungeons and explore a captivating world, engaging in puzzles that involve sliding orbs and aligning more than three orbs of the same color either vertically or horizontally.

Combat mechanics closely mirror those of the original game, requiring players to match three or more orbs of the same color to eliminate them. Such matches prompt an allied creature of the corresponding color to launch an attack against the enemy. Matching five or more orbs not only enhances the attack’s potency but also allows for targeting multiple enemies simultaneously.

Each character in the game possesses unique skills and abilities. Players must gain a deep understanding of their characters to assemble the ideal party capable of conquering boss stages. The game offers the enjoyment of creature-raising activities, including leveling up and generating new creatures through collected materials, all within an engaging storyline.

Puzzle & Dragons Story does not feature in-app purchases, such as gacha or social network content, ensuring that players can fully savor the game independently until the end.

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