Par for the Dungeon

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Par for the Dungeon is a puzzle golf game available for Windows PC, Android and iOS from Sleeping Giant Studio. The objective, much like traditional golf, is to guide Cal, the heroic golf ball, into the hole at the end of each level using as few moves as possible. The journey is fraught with peculiar obstacles, intricate contraptions, and tricky Bogeys obstructing Cal’s path.

Par for the Dungeon begins like any typical mini-golf game, with the primary challenge being to avoid overshooting the open hole before encountering the first item – a bow and arrow that adds a layer of complexity to the game. Strategic planning becomes essential as players navigate the course, bouncing around to collect coins for purchasing equipment that aids in completing each level with the fewest turns and securing the highest score.

Adding a tactical element, the gold earned carries over through each set of three holes, requiring careful consideration of purchases to avoid compromising future opportunities. While the concept may seem straightforward, the introduction of moving enemies elevates the importance of precise timing, providing an additional layer of entertainment through strategic decision-making.

Despite the simplicity of the gameplay and premise, Sleeping Giant manages to impress with its execution. The game demonstrates that intricate open worlds or extravagant action sequences aren’t necessary to create an engaging experience that captivates players for hours. Although the graphics maintain a standard and safe cartoony aesthetic, they aren’t groundbreaking. On the other hand, the music stands out as remarkably delightful, featuring a charming folksy tune that persists throughout the levels, evoking a sense of joy.

It’s worth noting that the game incorporates pay-to-play mechanics. Unlocking all outfits requires mastering every course to obtain all crowns and stars, depleting retries quickly. Players can replenish retries by frequently watching advertisements or opting to make additional payments.

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