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Lonesome Village is a really charming puzzle adventure game from developer Ogre Pixel. This game comes after the launch of A Tiny Sticker Tale from the same studio. It shares the really nice and vibrant color palette and lets see if the gameplay.

This new adventure, Lonesome Village, was originally launched on PC, Switch, and Xbox in November 2022. The first thing to know is that this is a puzzle game. There is no combat. We will spend our time solving problems, any kind of problems. Players will embark on dungeon crawls intertwined with life simulation elements, aiming to rescue villagers trapped in a mysterious tower and restore their hometown.

The first thing we can think about this game is that it looks like a Zelda game. You know, it has the top-down view and puzzle-filled dungeons. But this is a relaxing and immersive game. Not an overly lengthy game, which suits players with never-ending backlogs just fine.

But what is more important, Lonesome Village seems perfectly suited for mobile gaming. It is easy to play, not so long and nice to see. We will have more for you once the game is fully released. Remember this is a premium game, the release price is set to $5.99 and it will be available from April 11.

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