A Tiny Sticker Tale

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A Tiny Sticker Tale is an upcoming cosy puzzle adventure from Ogre Pixel Studio that’s set to release on Android and iOS. This adventure game revolves around the enchanting concept of reshaping the world through the magic of adorable stickers.

The game encourages self-expression and unleashing one’s imagination, as almost every element in the game can be transformed into a sticker. From puzzle-solving to forging new friendships, these stickers serve as versatile tools capable of achieving various objectives.

In the main storyline, players embody the character of Flynn, an endearing donkey. Their objective is to explore Figori Island, embarking on captivating quests that heavily rely on the utilization of these stickers. Despite its brevity, players can immerse themselves in this heartwarming yet emotional journey, completing it in just about two hours.

Figori Island serves as a canvas for players to showcase their creativity, offering the ideal outlet for decoration and customization after a day of exhilarating adventures. Players have the freedom to personalize the region according to their preferences, with even the surroundings being susceptible to modification using stickers.

A Tiny Sticker Tale is scheduled for release on the Apple Store and Google Play on February 28th, with pre-registration currently available on iOS. Interested players can sign up in advance and stay updated by visiting the game’s official website and joining their Facebook page.


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