The House of Tesla

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Blue Brain Games has unveiled The House of Tesla, a brand-new adventure game slated for release later this year. Set in the world of Nikola Tesla, players will embark on a journey to explore the eerie abandoned industrial buildings of Tesla’s ambitious Wardenclyffe facility. Intended to be a futuristic city powered by free wireless electrical energy, Wardenclyffe holds the promise of revolutionizing societal processes.

Guided by Tesla’s perspective, players will witness pivotal moments in the construction and eventual demise of the famed Wardenclyffe Tower, gradually unraveling the mystery that has left them stranded among deserted machines.

The developers assure that The House of Tesla will feature handcrafted puzzles, stunning locations, and engaging challenges upon its launch.

Curiosity surrounds the platforms on which The House of Tesla will be available, with anticipation for a possible simultaneous release on both iOS and Android. Further details, including a trailer, are expected to be revealed in the near future.

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