Take The King!

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Take the King! is a puzzle game based on the rules of chess, reimagined to offer original intellectual challenges. Devs wants players to dive into strategic puzzles and be enchanted by captivating graphics and immersive atmosphere.

Developed by Two Button and published by TyGAMES, this indie game is now globally available on the iOS App Store, Google Android Play Store, and PC.

Take the King! introduces a puzzle experience rooted in chess rules but set in unconventional scenarios. While your pieces move conventionally, the chessboard itself is far from standard, presenting a variety of goals.

Classic Chess Moves: Utilize your chess knowledge to aid the brave King in his quest. Special Chessboards: Confront diverse situations with chessboards of various sizes, obstacles, and traps. 100 Puzzles to Solve: Tackle puzzles across multiple chapters and assist the King on his epic journey.

The game also includes multiple Objectives: Each puzzle comes with secondary objectives unlocking valuable bonuses. Take The King! is available as a premium game in Android, Steam and iOS.

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