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Wish Us Luck is an interactive narrative game where every choice you make affects how events will unfold for three very likeable characters. The game has now become available on both iPhone and Android devices, with a PC version set to arrive on Steam in the coming days.

Taking inspiration from cinematic gems like “Pulp Fiction” and “Magnolia,” as well as interactive titles such as “Heavy Rain,” the game promises an exceptional multi-layered storytelling experience, brimming with intricate choices.

Within the game, three separate yet interconnected narratives unfurl, tracing the paths of three disparate individuals, all seeking their own slices of happiness on a day fraught with unexpected turns. The trajectories of these stories are influenced by the choices undertaken by the characters. Nevertheless, these choices are far from straightforward, as assisting one character might inadvertently jeopardize the favorable outcomes for others.

The narratives orbit around the lives of three urban dwellers, each grappling with their unique quests to carve out brighter futures. Among them is an aspiring actress, teetering on the precipice of job loss and eviction. Her challenges escalate when she learns of her pregnancy, stemming from a previous relationship.

The game effectively presents an array of decisions that seem almost constant – there’s a choice at every turn, and each decision carries the potential to reshape the world’s response around you. Notably, the game notifies players that their choices will have lasting ramifications down the line. Upon completing each chapter, you can compare your choices with fellow players across the globe, discerning where you stand in relation to the wider player base’s decisions.

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