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Developer Exona has released their latest project Twinkle Star Knights. The game is available on japanese only. Inspired by legendary classic anime series like Sailor Moon this game takes you on a magical journey full of cute girls.

Twinkle Star Knights belongs to the “bishoujo” anime style, which focuses on portraying beautiful young girls. Although the label may be somewhat off-putting, it is a popular genre, particularly among manga readers.

Notable examples of this genre include Sailor Moon and the immensely popular mobile gacha game Azur Lane. These series heavily emphasize fanservice and target a younger male audience.

With that in mind, Twinkle Star Knights presents itself as a magical girl gacha RPG with stunning designs for its all-female cast. While it embraces the bishoujo inspiration, it does not go overboard with fanservice like Nikke does.

It’s worth noting that Twinkle Star Knights will exclusively launch on the developer’s DMM Games service, which serves as an alternative storefront for Japanese gamers to download various mobile games.

Explaining the gameplay is challenging, especially without knowledge of the Japanese language. However, it features an arcade-style, quasi-turn-based combat system, where your magical girls engage in battles with adorable little stuffed creatures. The game exudes style and a cheerful atmosphere, offering plenty of enjoyment for players.

Twinkle Star Knights will reward players with various login bonuses, including star jewels, special gacha tickets, and Star Knight crystals. It will be available exclusively for Android devices.

Twinkle Star Knights is free to download on the DMM Store. A +18 version if the game is available too.

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