Myth Verse

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Apr 27, 2024
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Myth Verse is a RPG mobile game available to Android and iOS. In ancient times, a fierce battle unfolded between the demon father, Luo Shu, and the gods. Exhausted and unable to defeat him, Luo Shu, in a fit of rage, sought to annihilate the gods and himself in a final act of vengeance. It was then that the Immortal Emperor Wuji intervened, sacrificing himself to avert the impending catastrophe. As Luo Shu and Wuji fell, a remnant of consciousness lingered, eventually coalescing into the spirit child of heaven and earth after enduring the passage of time.

Now, as the reincarnation of the spirit child, you embark on a journey of worldly cultivation, seeking your own destiny. The moment you depart from the immortal mountain, a ripple of disturbance courses through the realms of immortals and demons, igniting a new conflict between them.

Strategize with diverse patterns and deploy your forces efficiently across four camps and a hundred generals. Each deity plays a crucial role in battle, making strategic combinations essential for victory.

Enjoy cultivation and inheritance without the burden of excessive spending. With full inheritance training, every deity becomes extraordinary, ensuring zero resource loss during formation changes and allowing for a liver-friendly and kryptonite-free journey.

Establish your own Peach Garden Cave Heaven, where you can focus on alchemy and weapon refinement amidst serene surroundings. Escape the distractions of the mortal world and cultivate immortality with ease.

Players can download this game for Android in the Googe Store and iOS.


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