NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory Overview

NIKKE: The Goddess of Victory, also known as Project: NIKKE, is a mobile third-person-shooter. The game was created in Unity and it focus on simple controls (shooting is done automatically) and beautiful visuals. The game features a vertical view that allows you to play by holding your cellphone upright and charming art by another of Destiny Child’s illustrators, Kim Hyung-seop.

It’s a really nice art game, with a lot of features and characters. In NIKKE The Goddess of Victory, players can take cover from enemy fire, and will automatically attack when aiming in order to create a simpler control scheme on mobile platforms. In addition to that, various characters will have different skills. The story features a distant future in which humanity has been driven underground by metallic aliens. The development of battle androids marks the beginning of humanity’s comeback.

Besides the main story mode, the game also has a cooperation mode up to 4 players, allowing players to finish missions with friends together. There will also be other game modes and stages with extra rules to spice things up. Also, there will be elements of a simulation game where players can develop their relationships with different NIKKE characters.

NIKKI is designed to give users an exciting and enjoyable experience. While playing this game you will also experience some elements of role-playing games.

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