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Publisher Annapurna Interactive and developer Daniel Benmergui will release Storyteller, A puzzle game about building stories. The game will be available for iOS and Android via Netflix on September 27 alongside a free update that adds new scenarios and characters.

What do we know about Storyteller? Well, is a puzzle game about putting together stories with tools like characters, settings, titles, and more. It features stories covering love, crime, and betrayal. Players can create everything from supernatural fantasies and Shakespearean tragedies to myths of creation and much more.

Storyteller is quite an interesting game and ideal for people who want to test their creativity. Due to the type of game it is, one might think that it is aimed at children, however, the game’s creator mode is very powerful and suitable for all types of audiences.

The gameplay let players play with a library full of characters and themes, featuring heroes and villains, dragons and vampires, infidelity and remorse, love, lies, madness, and more. Players can use the blank canvas to manipulate secrets and desires, slay monsters or terrorize people with them, betray lovers or bring them together. You know how the stories go—but this time you are the author.

Storyteller will be available for Android and iOS on September 27 (via Netflix Games). Right now you can try it on Steam or Nintendo Switch.

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